Taxation For NRI AND Foreign Citizen

NRI, to file Income Tax return. Any Income which accrue or arise in India, will be taxable in India. Income from Bank Interest, Fixed deposit Interest, Share transaction Profilt / Loss, Investment Mutual Funds, Bonds, Sale of Property or Income of rent from property in India.

Income tax Return of NRI

  • File the income tax return in the following case.
    1. Your taxable income in India during the year was above the basic exemption limit of Rs 2.5 lakh
    2. You have earned short-term or long-term capital gains from sale of any investments or assets, even if the gains are less than the basic exemption limit. (like Shares, mutual funds, property etc)
    3. If you need to claim Refund for TDS deducted more than actual tax laibility
    4. If you have Income from House property & claiming Interest oh Home Loan and there is a Loss from “Income under House Property” and you need to adjust this loss against other income or carry forward.

  • Not to Claim exemption of age limit/ short term or long term capital gain.
    • NRIs do not get the benefit of differential exemption limits on basis of age or gender that is available to Resident Indians. The enhanced exemption limit for senior citizens and women is applicable only to residents and not to non-residents.
    • For NRIs, certain short term or long term capital gains from sale of investments or assets are taxed even if the total income is below the basic exemption limit.
  • By filing tax return can claim TDS and get refund :
    • If TDS is Deducted – If your have investment income (interest) and/or capital gains income and if tax has been deducted at source from such income, you do not have to file your tax returns.
    • if the TDS is deducted more than actual tax liability, then you need to file IT return & claim Tax refund.
  • Benefit of investment U/s 80C,80D etc
  • NRIs can save Tax on Income generated in India
    • by investing in eligible investments under 80C (limit Rs 1.5 Lacs)
    • by taking health insurance policy in India for themselves, their family and dependent parents , and claim deduction up to 35,000 for the annual premium paid.(Section 80D)
    • by investment in Capital gains Bonds (NHAI or REC) to save capital gain tax on property


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